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Should you need help finding your vehicle, negotiating a good price, closing the deal, or arranging with exporting and shipping...........
WeFINDyour car, arrange withCUSTOMS CLEARANCESand weSHIP TO YOUR DOOR, worldwide.Weare a family owned company, located in Houston, Texas.Our main customers are in Norway and Slovakia, but our services can be providedWorld Wide.We pick up the vehicle at the sales location, takes it to storage, arrange with customs clearances and overseas shipping, clearances at your home country and bring it safely to your door.All in just a few weeks.We know what a dreadful experience buying luxury items and importing them can be, so let us do the work for you and make your buying experience a pleasurable one.Documentation for first date of registration can be provided so you can benefit from the best tax.Welcome to our business! We are looking forward to serving you!Sharon & Kjell

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